Blue Mountains Iyengar Yoga Studio

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Book your class on Punchpass
Blue Mountains Iyengar Yoga Studio uses an online booking platform called PUNCHPASS.
You can select a Class Pass that best suits you, then reserve your spot in a class by clicking on your preferred class on the Timetable below.

Click here to view our available passes. 

A Note to New Students & Visitors to Blue Mountains Iyengar Yoga Studio ...
Please note anyone is welcome to join any of our Level 1 classes on the timetable at any time.
However, if you are a student coming from another tradition/style of yoga or have not practiced Iyengar yoga consistently for the last 2 years, we recommend you attend a Level 1 class to familiarise yourself with the set-up and use of props before attempting any Level 2 class.
Your teacher will be able to assess your readiness for moving up to Level 2.



Kickstart the New Year with 2 weeks of yoga
Week 1: Monday January 13 - Friday January 17: for beginners / level 1 students
Week 2: Monday January 20 - Friday January 24: for general level students (beginners welcome)

7-8am daily
Cost $95 for 1 week; $165 for both weeks
(School students $50 for 1 week) 

About Attending Classes

• Be 5-10 minutes early for classes.
• Aim to be consistent with your attendance.
• Yoga can be practiced even when tired or unwell (contact your teacher first).
• It is advisable where possible to stick to one teacher.
• You can ask your teacher for specific home practice sequences.
• We recommend regular attendance.
• It is advisable to reserve your spot in a class on our live timetable, below ...